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 A way of seeing the website

The most varied form of the menu is the a la carte version.  There could be dozens of dishes and you can frequently revisit your favourite restaurant and never tire of what is available.  Were you to repeat what you ate a few months ago, the dishes may have changed slightly.  One included parsley then, now it has sorrel.  The veal escalopes then are now offered in turkey version.  A while ago, there was no mention of where prime ingredients originated.  The chef, now, has been bitten by the green gastronomy bug.  The grill chef has been replaced by someone better and your dish choice now is wider. 

One aim with this website is that you never become tired of it.  Including my publications, there are 800 or so pages.  A website page you saw previously has been updated, another replaced.  The metaphorical grill chefs and their colleagues arrive, make a contribution and move on.  Scores of experts make their input within this website. 

In relation to this website, what type of visitor will you become? 

Were you to tour Kenya and neighbouring countries, you will hear of "Carnivores" restaurant in Nairobi.                                                  



The attraction [?] is eating some of what you have seen from the safety of the safari vehicle.  When you arrive at Carnivores, you choose impala impaled on a kebab skewer.  Many animals of the bush can adorn your plate.  [This website is for omnivores, vegetarians and all other  vores  and arians,  by the way.]

The next day, you move on to the Serengeti.  You were an itinerant visitor to Carnivores.
That title comes from tourism jargon.  You enjoyed a full meal and would recommend it to your friends.  One aim of this website is to fulfil all visitors, however long they stay.  Once life returns to normal out of Africa and you are back to normal, the aim is that "Gastronomy" is your favourite local a la carte restaurant where you entertain family and friends. 

The latest computer jargon for website visitors can be found on the "Hawks" page.  "Hawks" is my jargon.



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