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There is enough here to cover the last twenty-five years or so within over fifteen countries.

To 1974

Trained in Hotel Management and Tourism and taught related subjects in colleges after working in the industry.


Lecturer in Gastronomy at Surrey University. Was Departmental Admissions Tutor responsible for converting over 1200 applications for sixty-six places each year.


Director, Edinburgh Hotel School at Telford College at Crewe Toll. Significantly involved in revising the Higher National Diploma Curriculum of Hotel Management courses throughout Scotland.  Branch Chairman of the Hotel, Catering and International Management Association.  First book published in 1982 - see Pubs in top nav panel.


Head of Faculty of Community Studies, Canterbury College. Also Open University Tutor to the Post-graduate Course in Post-Compulsory Education. Became its National Moderator and National Co-Examiner. 

First book published in 1982, the second in 1986.  Numerous papers and articles also published.


Eleven years in UK educational management was enough.  Set up “Tourism Solutions” – a company specialising in Tourism Development and Tourism Marketing. As part of its activities, the company developed a cooperative network of UK companies seeking assistance.

The network later extended to Europe and further afield. Special projects arose in various countries which were interspersed with European activities. Meanwhile, other assignments arose of academic focus. They and other specific projects are now detailed within a long period of home-network activities.


Three-month assignment at Haking Wong Technical Institute - a Tourism College in Hong Kong. Course development work carried out. The Hong Kong reaction to Tiananmen Square came half way through.  As the Chinese are alleged to say - "May you live in interesting times.".


Six-month assignment at Malta Institute of Tourism Studies. Curriculum development.


One-year assignment at Schiller International University Campus near Lucerne as Dean. The campus focus was Hotel Management, Cuisine and Tourism.  Gastronomy/Tourism teaching, course evaluation and curriculum development projects carried out there and at the Strasbourg Campus.  Became Professor in 1992 independently from Schiller University.


Home-network projects in Thailand, India, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, sometimes involving leading company representative groups which needed specialised information and new network contacts.


Some previous projects involved being asked to teach English. Trained as a TEFL teacher. “Teachers for Poland” in Hereford, UK asked me to teach at and evaluate two schools near the Ukraine border. Continued with network activities at the same time. (TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language.)

“Disengagement/retirement” process began by winding down foreign and home-network projects.

1996 . . . .

Rented our large house in Canterbury to academics and bought a seaside bungalow which I renovated.  Concentrated on my bagpipe interests and performed at numerous charity etc engagements.


Carried out short-term assignments as a Voluntary Advisor in Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine and Nepal for the British Executive Service Overseas.

Vietnam - advised hotel group training college
Russia - advised a travel agent in St Petersburg on marketing

Ukraine - ditto in Kerch

Nepal - advised hotel/tourism college on curricular matters
See "Pubs" and the link in the side panel "Non-Pub - Nepal" or click  http://www.gastronomyafharrison.co.uk/page63.php

Since 2001, no projects have been undertaken. 2004 - moved to Herefordshire. In November, 2008, the forerunner of this Gastronomy website was started. 
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