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Two-minute Synopsis


Two-minute synopsis

Update 30 Jan 2020 - much has changed since this was done years ago.  more

For hawks in a hurry, here is a two-minute synopsis of the website.  
There are few other clickables on this page.  The nav panel headings are in red.  

      Website news
 goes back to 2011 - many readers find that useful

      The Welcome Menu - a way of seeing the site
      UK Welcome - the new gastronomy 

      The Nav Panel - using the "dashboard"

      Aims of the site  - for people and organisations

      Themes    All cultures are different and vive la difference.

                       Eat wisely. Our gastronomy lies in our own hands.

                       We all like to entertain and life styles are different.

                       Personal gastronomy - see below

                       Food - as a term embraces drink. 

                                   Within the UK context, it is shown that 
                                   people are not food-discerning. 

       Personal Gastronomy preludes the later theme of why we eat what we eat
National Gastronomy - an overview

       Gastronomy or cuisine? - the previous page shows that cuisine is part of gastronomy 

- There's a pretend-questionnaire to test your eligibility. 
                                   Those with no rapport with food are filtered out!

Blogs - They are used a lot and will be made into site-pages later

        Hawks - what kind of visitor are you?


All - the message "Gastronomy is for all" won't fit in the small box.  

There's a dozen taster pages to click. On the "Essence of Life page", you may be inspired to become a gastronome or gourmet. If you enjoy such a role already, send a message via the Contact link. If there is insuficient within the overall website to help you achieve the role, also send a message. Recruiting gourmets, however, is not an essential. The main purpose of the website is to increase awareness of food itself and in the social context.

Gastronomes ancient and modern pop up in various places throughout the website and one is featured in this section.

Being aware of food includes its characteristics and cutting onions can bring us to tears. Why food does what it occasionally does is explained. It is put in the test-tube in "Molecular Gastronomy".

Another aspect of food characteristics is its quality and the effect of its production on the environment. "Green Gastronomy" sums it up.

The "Oatmeal" page introduces Scotland's food history. There is also a taste of Nepal.  Use of the Publications link takes you to my Diary while in Nepal.

Christmas meals bring the social aspects of food into sharp focus. The School Meals page introduces the food and health education debate.

 Wine is scary.

Green Gastronomy - shown as "Green" food in the context of the sustainable environment

Society - 1 
- a first look at the social dimensions of gastronomy

Society - 2  - an important wine and food society is proclaimed.

Drink -          by popular request.

Pubs  -
Publications - The full list.  Many are available within the website.

- another set of pages added in early 2012  - on gastrotourism . 

Haggis and other Stories

My third book was presented as an etext (see top of page).   The historical aspects of food and hospitality are entwined with modern social considerations at various stages in the coverage. 

The book is used in a project looking at the food history of Wales which is in the Cuisine section.

Health Education and Food

A fourth book is on this topic and will be in the form of an etext 
(see top of page) once other tasks have been completed. There are extracts on separate pages as published papers within this section of the website.

 Students - Gastronomy for

... and you are not required to be on a course to read the page.

There's a lot of definitions of Gastronomy. The topic is divided into food, wine and people aspects before a more detailed look at Molecular Gastronomy and what students might do when they have digested the website to this stage.   "Cuisine Introduction" heads a large section.

Lecturers - Gastronomy for

“Gastronomy”, my first book is used at various places on the website.  The possible title of this website "Gastronomy - Volume 2" indicates that it could be regarded as a book.

My second book is also used in detail on the website and covers why we eat what we eat. I offer lectures on that, the Gastronomy of a Nation, Scottish Gastronomy and a string of other topics.
"Greening the Curriculum" develops "Green Gastronomy" and these concern educating students of all kinds in understanding environmental issues. After their course finishes, they may be be actively involved in ensuring the sustainable environment. I offer lecturers a session on "Greening Gastronomy".
There is a page on the rationale of the overall website.


Here is a summary which is likely to change.

 [The last three decades or so should be enough:] 

I demonstrate that this website is not here to promote my career.  

Speaker - numerous topics outlined.

Contact   - all communications will receive a reply and responses as seen above.

                   Future Development

The website is looking for an organisation to take it over in order to be fully functional. It is provisional just now. Meanwhile, any who can help improve it in the technical sense are invited to do so.


There are some 1100 pages [including publications - 350 if not] so don't dilly dally on the way and overshoot your two-minute synopsis time.

On the other hand, why not?

Best wishes

Alan F Harrison    

If this site freezes or is apparently uneditable click here.


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