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We are born into a family, and so we acquire tastes and preferences related to the family institution in which we were brought up. We love our relatives and dislike them as well, but we can never avoid them completely. We may skip past certain dishes at the family buffet but regardless of the occasion, they have a way of making their presence known – their smell permeating occasions. They inherently become part of our genealogical recipe, incorporating their influence, direct or indirect, into our everyday choices and decisions. As a result of their existence and our inability to evade them, we opt to understand them, to breakdown their qualities and characteristics and identify the aspects of them that we enjoy and those we loath. We learn to work with them, to endure them, to tolerate them.

The piece is not available now but you can see where it came from here.  There are other items to read which change occasionally.


The quotation above is a prelude to the "Symphony" page in the  Gastronomy for all   side panel  which begins with "Personal Gastronomy is a symphony.."  The quotation also preludes "Family Gastronomy" here which is in the "Society - 1" section via the horizontal panel.   

"Our genealogical recipe" is good shorthand for our disposition or inbuilt tendency towards certain food .  "Why we eat what we eat" is the theme of a book I wrote in 1986 using some of those words in the title.  A talk or lecture  will draw the following themes into the more up-to-date discussion:

      social influences

      social or cultural influences - is there a difference?

      mind and body - hereditary factors, hunger and appetite, gender differences, 'man is what he eats'

      psychological influences - appetite, personality, 'father to the man' 

      economic influences

      geographical influences 

      technical influences

You can go to the "Pubs" [Publications] section in the top nav panel and explore here before reading the book here and here.   Also relevant is Section Three - "Human Considerations" of my Gastronomy book  here.




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