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Family Gastronomy

Family Gastronomy

An experiment in depiction.

Mr and Mrs Robinson enjoyed a shared gastronomy and along came Mary.

The Swiss Family Robinson's
gastronomy is quite different re food but probably employs a similar diagram. 


So far so not very good!

When you have finished peering at the text, you'll join me in telling Smartdraw to keep its offer of a year's use at $197.  As I said at the beginning, this site is under construction.

Mrs R is teetotal, Mr R hates peas.  Mary, being six is not offered alcohol and avoids fruit if she can get away with it.  The family gastronomy shows that she is beginning to be less accommodating as the overlap is unequal in her direction.  School meals don't help as there's far too much food which her parents just do not agree with.  They're both working so it's difficult. 

Did you notice that Mrs R's circle is slightly higher than her husband's?   It needs to be  much higher and I've just been through the Smartdraw rigmarole to produce another Venn diagram before the seven day trial ends.  Putting text in boxes would have taken me over the cut-off time.

Mrs R in the blue circle is boss.  Mary takes her gastronomy more from her mother than her father.

Our future gastronomy.  Half a million Marys soon become the family food boss.

We can soon explore Mrs R's gastronomy.  Her father was an alcoholic.  Why her husband is against peas is a longer story.  Mary follows her mother's acceptance of that vegetable but has acquired her own dislike for cabbage probably via her Dad.  Before we arrive at Mrs R likes and dislikes in more detail, you can ponder the veal situation.

The next stage after that involves looking at other influences on the six-year old Mary's gastronomy and her influences on others around her.  We won't use Venn diagrams as they'll look like hoopla stalls in a storm.

If you haven't read about "Personal Gastronomy" yet, it is via the "Welcome" link .

More later


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