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Website news                                                                              

User groups here

Unmanageable website system here

A lot of items still relevant today (early 2103)  follow.

28 Nov 2011

User groups

In these two months many of you have written to ask about your "hidden miniwebsites" and what will happen to them.  There is a better system on the way.  You will be able to log in and alter text according to the current situation.  Your audience will also log in differently to read your work and not be given pages numbers relating to the pages which apply.

Others will wonder what these special sites are.  A school teacher in Africa may have wanted six pages on European gastronomy put together in cohesive form for her pupils.  An American lecturer may have asked for a larger number of pages relating to projects set for the class.  Both will be able to continue with their pages and have special access to teacher notes in the new system coming in 2012.  A Greek restaurateur may have wanted ideas on a new theme restaurant, and so it goes on.  Wine specialists in large numbers are deeply involved with customers over wine descriptors.  It's endless!  It's enjoyable! 

If you enjoyed such provision before August 2010 and did not let me know you are continuing, the pages will be stripped out near to 19 December.

The link you used to arrive here will be maintained ultra-infrequently until the site becomes uneditable on 19 December. There will be a link in large text on the Welcome page to take you to the transfer site.   Links wthin sections have already been taken out to reduce the sheer number of pages to be dealt with.  Many readers have asked questons re keeping the year's info available. It helps them explain to others how the site has developed and also fixes new locations in their minds.  The updates for a few sections  which have them will stay for the same reason.

Any who read the earlier on this page can see one of the problems causing a change of system.  Text size and colours vary but cannot be altered at all, never mind easily.

Although this may open the floodgates, readers have written in asking about the structure of the new site.  Just send an email if that applies to you. 

27 Sept  2011

The site has only seen the addition of a page since May.  This is because the editing process is now unmanageable.  Very few changes to page content, too, will be made until 12 December soon after when a final announcement is made before the edit facility (if you can call it that) ends.  News will be given as to how updates will be made via a temporary website.  

The news pages attached to sections will not be updated before 12 December.

Many readers have emailed asking about the situation and have received replies.  It is time to deal with the problem so that the flow of emails on the topic subsides.

Keep asking and suggesting etc as it will all help the new website fulfil your needs and suggestions.

29 May - A new Wine Game page here.

26 May - A new page on natural wine here.

22 May 2011
There's a Welcome to IWFS here members who visit this site for the first time and it is here.

Other readers [first time or otherwise], of course, are also welcomed.


There has been a lot of interest in the Wine descriptors page here and the less-recent Welsh gastronomy page here and all emails have now been answered. 

The table
here on the Wine Descriptors page continues to be, shall we say, less than ideal.  See my comment in blue text here

The next stage relating to Welsh gastronomy involves a return visit to the 50-mile-distant St Fagans Museum
here and visit the Manuscripts Archive re the traditional foods mentioned here.

17 April 2011

The Wine Descriptors page now features an extract from a new-to-this-site book.  All the books have been chosen for their sp
ecial qualities.  The new book relates its descriptors to specific wines. It has a wide range of interesting descriptors.  Click here to see the page and or click here to see its descriptors Column 10. 

5 April 2011

The new Wine Descriptors page is now well-developed

Andre Simon who is on the Wine page published a charming little book long since out of print and it is

27 March 2011

Recent emails have been numerous in the call for a section covering wine and spirits.  The horizontal navigation panel would not welcome "Wines & Spirits" due to space requirements.  "Drink" is the best alternative and allows for the whole range in the long term.

The initial focus in the new section is how wine is described although there is a good book on how to enjoy wine in the home.

The other main batch of recent emails has been a surprise in relation to readers enjoying a page while it is being developed.  Welsh gastronomy has fired my interest in the past few months and there is now something to show here.  Something similar has obviously happened regarding reader interest including that from several places thousands of miles from Wales.  With the previous expectation of adverse comment on the length of the page, it is good that readers enjoy using the index.  

I might have made the comment in Welsh to enjoy the new pages but, as you will see, bon appetit was sufficient challenge here

2 March 2011

here members looking for " .. a table of many more garnishes .. " will find it here.  The Gastronomy book is here then the next link down in the side panel after reading about etexts. 

Non-IWFS-members can read the message above
here at the foot of the second page of the article.
The Welsh cuisine page has been supplemented


Curriculum researchers can now cut and paste text from "Negotiating the Curriculum"

21 February 2011

New pages in "Cuisine" -  Haute cuisine and Welsh cuisine.

9 February 2011

"Cuisine" now appears in the top nav panel.  There is traffic and it saves the route through the "Pubs" [Publications] section and then "Making Sense of Cuisine". 

6 February 2011

The title of the website has been altered.  The " - Volume 2" addition reflects the passage of time enabling the sections in the horizontal nav panel to be interpreted as chapters.

The "Wales" section in the top nav panel has been removed.  Some of the projects there depended on local libraries being an important community resource.  Current events across the UK do not allow certainty of their future.  The S E Wales Branch of the International Wine & Food Society here continues.  The "Wales" page can be seen here for the time being.

"Making Sense of Cuisine" has been much revised and it is here.

8 January 2011

This new page will be updated at least once a month. 

Each section in the horizontal navigation panel requiring its own updates has an Updates page in the side panel.

The  "Pubs" [Publications] here and the "Haggis" here sections have been reorganised with many new pages and the former is still being dealt with.

Click the "Society/2"" page here   The "My Story" page in that section has outlived its usefulness. 

Email traffic has increased considerably in the last month or so and one reason for that the "Return to page top" link disappeared in mid-December.  In spite of emails to the website boffins, there has been no reply.

Another reason is that the Christmas page here has been very popular.  A lot of Dads needed help with the electrification of their Christmas cakes here and a few made attempts to connect the cake to huge wall electrically-lighted decorations!  This is definitely dangerous.

Keep the emails rolling in and a happy New Year.

Alan Harrison 

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