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The Wine Connoisseur Game

The Wine Connoisseur Game

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Always drink responsibly. Never drink and drive.
Object of the game
Use a combination of luck and knowledge to move around the board collecting wine bottle 'tokens',
enjoying a sip or two of the real stuff along the way.
The first player to collect twelve bottles wins the game.
Before you start
The host should allow one bottle of wine per two players.
Each player should begin the game with a full glass of wine and the 'wine label' game counter of
their choice.
Players should place their counters on the START square.
Shuffle the cards and place them in a pile on the board, face down.
Now throw the dice and see who scores the highest to start the game.
Starting the game
Each player should take a wine bottle token and a 'TAKE 1 MEASURE' token, then enjoy a sip
from their own glass of wine.
Player 1 should throw the dice and move around the board in a clockwise direction to the
appropriate square.
Depending on where they land, the player should take one of the following courses of action:

Red or white square 

Answer questions
If a player lands on a white square (easy), they'll be asked by an opponent to answer a 'white'
question from the pile's top card ('white' questions are indicated by a green square on the card itself).
If the player lands on a red square (hard), they should be asked a 'red' question. If the question
is answered correctly, the player takes another turn, otherwise play continues clockwise.
Used cards should be placed face down and returned to the bottom of the pile.

Rosé square
Move on, take or return a bottle, take 1 measure
When a player lands on a rosé square, follow the rosé-marked instruction written on the card.
If the player is directed to another square, they should act on any further commands immediately.
Take 1 measure
If a player receives this instruction either from a square or from a card, they must take a
'TAKE 1 MEASURE' token and then enjoy a sip from their own glass.
When a player has collected six 'TAKE 1 MEASURE' tokens, they should empty their glass.
All six tokens should be returned to the 'pool', a refill should be poured and a bottle token collected.
N.B. This game works on the basis of six sips per glass of wine. Players can choose themselves
how much to fill their glass and how generous to make each of their six 'sips'.

Please remember - always drink responsibly.
It is best to use small glasses or fill large glasses no more than half full.
Excuse 1 drink token
This token cancels out 'TAKE 1 MEASURE'.
It should be played and then handed back when the next 'TAKE 1 MEASURE' command arises.
Go on a wine tour
Players landing on one of these squares should take the suggested detour instead of continuing
around the edge of the board.
Players 'take a measure' each time they land on a tour square (represented by a bunch of grapes).
If a player finishes their move on the very last square of the tour, then they should immediately
continue with
the next tour which that particular square also represents. Otherwise, continue
around the board in a clockwise direction as before.
When a player finishes the Grand Wine Tour, they should take a bottle token regardless of where
they landed.
Take a bottle
Players receive a wine bottle token when they start the game and every time they pass START.

They also take a bottle when they:
• hand back six 'TAKE 1 MEASURE' tokens
• answer three consecutive questions correctly
• finish the Grand Wine Tour
• are instructed to do so by the cards
• land on the vineyard square
The game can be shortened by deciding beforehand that only six wine bottles need to be collected,
not twelve.


The tokens are here. 

In addition to the half-cases, there are single bottle tokens.

The "Take 1 measure" tokens are also not shown here.


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There are seventy cards and here are a few examples.



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