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"There is no such thing as society"  UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, 1987

You can read what she said via the panel on the left.

This page will look at relevant aspects of society affecting food issues.  You may have already seen

Christmas as an event the social aspects of Christmas

in the "For all" section.  If not, click Christmas in the line above - it is not a quick read.

Future pages in this section will include:

    Life stages

         Pre-school           ]

         Early school         ]   Consider sites such as http://www.schoolfoodtrust.org.uk/index.asp and reassess the 
                                      material on the "Health" page later. [note 1]  Click "Family Gastronomy" 
                                      in the side panel.

         Later school         ]

         Post-compulsory education

         Early career

         Later career

         Active retirement

         Inactive retirement

     Basics in the study of society

     Food as an expression of culture

     Varying food staples - geography prevails but in the social context

     Social frameworks of food in different cultures

     Social class and food considerations in the UK

          Is green gastronomy limited to the middle and upper classes?

          Beer and skittles v Pimms and polo - latest score

          Haute v oat cuisine - match abandoned

          Champagne for shoe-shiners. No secs please, we're British.

          Beer for baronets is OK

          Which social class is the more likely to complain about a poor restaurant meal?

     Some noticeable differences between the British and the French table

           In France, when you are a home-guest you take flowers but not wine

           Even convenience food and posssibly junk food in France is better than in the UK


1         From the site. 


Only 1 per cent of kids' packed lunches meet school meal nutritional standards (12/01/10)

The School Food Trust's Chief Executive, Judy Hargadon, today responded to a report on children's packed lunches published by the British Medical Journal's Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. 


And now a quick look at two different cultures.








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