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The essence of life

"Gastronomy is the reasoned comprehension of everything connected with the nourishment of man."

These words published in French in 1826, are still valid today, and serve as a working statement while we explore the vast topic of Gastronomy.

Gastronomy includes the whole range of food and drink situations. The combination of food, drink and the social context embraces burgers as well as five-star cuisine, Cola and Champagne.

Gastronomy includes everyone as this list demonstrates:

all who enjoy food & drink

all who wish to investigate its mystique

all who wish to enjoy the eating activity

all who have never queried the role of food in life's enjoyment

all who would like to know some of the interest which food history has to offer.

all who ask 'what's that?' and point to the menu - wine list

all who do not ask the question for fear of ridicule

all gourmets, gastronomes and those who would like to become one or do not know what such terms mean

all those who, on having received an apology for a meal without an apology, do nothing at the time for fear of embarrassment and yet ensure that their friends are saved their experience with full and possibly exaggerated details of the low standards

all who do not enjoy food and drink as they may see why they are alone

all who are entertained in the food situation

all hosts, all guests ... in fact - -

Then there are the Hospitality Industry professionals. In using the term “Hospitality Industry” it encompasses tourism, hotels, restaurants, snack-bars, pubs, take-aways – in fact - any set-up providing consumers with substitute domestic services - those items and services they cannot or prefer not to provide for themselves.

The hospitality professionals include:

all who would wish to make a career in in the Hospitality Industry. Gastronomy is about what they may be doing

all who are engaged in a career in the industry

all who are on hospitality courses

all who wish to know what students might be learning on hospitality courses

all who are following Gastronomy courses

all who are not following Gastronomy courses for they shall see what they might be missing

and teachers

all Hospitality teachers, teachers of Home Economics and those teaching 'life and social skills'

all servicing teachers who are to celebrate the idea of teaching hospitality students and desire a greater insight into what it is that might make their lesson more interesting to the student

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