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Community Interests

A life-long pursuit beginning with extended Bob-a-Job weeks in the Scouts c 1955.

Bob-a-job week, where boy scouts lend a helping hand to friends and neighbours in exchange for a small payment, ended in 1992 - source.

From 1983 to 1988, my work was very much within the community as Dean of Faculty of Community Studies. 

Here are my more recent 'credentials' for taking on new community projects and/or giving support to worthy causes.

                            2004 - 2010 I was a WRVS driver assisting

                            when clients needed to go to hospital etc. 
                            Age Concern - 2008 - 2010

                                     handyman when clients need a shelf etc fixing

lone-worker - responsible for clients with enduring specific welfare needs

                                     Robert Burns dinner and website  created early in my Internet

It overlaps with the fund-raising section below

                             Tools for Africa

                                     Involved for two years with Enviroability and created this website.

              Community piper

              Piper 1 - fund-raiser - another Age Concern event  for senior citizens unable to go out 

                              on cold winter nights

              Piper 2  

Organise, MC and play at other Robert Burns etc events - see  "Address to the 
             Haggis at Woodside" which is a day centre for the elderly and infirm in Ross-onWye, near 
             Hereford. here  

             Also raised money for nearby Brampton Village Hall at Burns Night events.  The last occasion was in


              Piper 3  

             Scouts  Set up the committee for the local Scout Group over two years and created its
             first website. That was in 2006.  What is left of my initial website to aid leader-recruiting
             is still in use and you can see/hear Cubs singing the song I wrote for the Scouting Centenary.

             Piper 4  

             British Legion - since moving to Ross-on-Wye in 2004, have played at the
             Remembrance Day event over most years.  In 2010, played again, on the 11th, the 14th (Sunday)  
             and at the Saturday street collection.  2011 was the last time for a few years as playing every year
             diminishes the outcome.   

             Piper 5             
   During 2011, I played at a British Legion fund-raising military-interest based event in Redhill 
             and a similar one in Rugby.  Another event in Bournemouth was for Help for Heroes.  The
             Remembrance events are similar to
Piper 4.

Piper 6

2012 Diamond Jubilee celebrations -  here
             composed a Salute to the Queen  here

              hear it here

              Piped at other fund-raising events here here


Thus, the bagpipe is used as a means of gaining public attention in a variety of ways. 

Future community projects will not be dependent on its use.

I will be pleased to respond to comment and questions.

Alan Harrison (Prof) 

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