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Food Policy


Food Policy

On this page will be found information on food policy, environmental issues being addressed and other related material available on the internet. The websites have not fully been investigated. They can be seen as as source of inspiration and also confirmation. Perhaps your exploration will confirm that your project is doing quite well compared with others.

At a later stage, UK food policy will be researched.  The following serves as a standard for comparison.

We begin with the City of Vancouver.

For an overview, see the Venn diagram at the foot of the page. It is there to " ..illustrate the overlapping nature of the components of the Food System and link them with the overarching concept of sustainability. A well-functioning Food System not only builds human health and social well-being, but is good for the environment and the economy."

Then use the "Vancouver " link before looking at "Its Food Policy".

The Policy covers issues such as:

     How do food policies contribute to sustainability?

     Environmental sustainability

     Social sustainability

     Economic sustainability                                          click  Vancouver  and then come back for Its Food Policy

When you look at "Its Food Charter" it
seeks to encourage: 

     Consumers to purchase more locally produced food;

     Regional farmers to direct more of their production to local markets;

     Restaurateurs to feature more local, sustainable food on menus;

     Food Retailers to shift more of their inventory to local and sustainably produced food;

     Increased levels of “edible gardening” . . .

     Enhanced backyard and neighbourhood level composting and efforts recovery of edible food.  

                                                                                                                                           Its Food Charter

The  "Right to Food" page shows that the "Three major ... outputs are: advocacy, capacity building and implementation."

One of its functions is "To provide stakeholders with a forum for knowledge and information exchange and to facilitate the development of a community of practice."  

                                                                                                                                          Right to Food


The "Food Security" website begins with:

By addressing issues of hunger, malnutrition, dietary-related disease and food security with a Sustainable Community Development (SCD) approach, we hope to be able to create community-based solutions that address urgent food security issues and develop pathways for permanent solutions.

               Food Security    Ignore the error message and click any of the Program Quicklinks or elsewhere.

The site later quotes the UN World Food Summit 1996:

"Utilizing a food systems approach allows for an understanding of the connections between the health of individuals, communities, economic development, environmental integrity, and physical infrastructure (e.g., transportation, housing, retail, parks). In addition, a food systems approach breaks down some of the traditional barriers between urban and rural, health and the economy, producer and consumer and reveals the often hidden relationships between these spheres."

Vancouver Venn Diagram

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