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Green fluid


Green liquid in ten green bottles

Green water

Tips or Tap Water?

‘Still, sparkling or tap?’ Do you wonder why you
seldom get asked that question in a restaurant? In 2002
Nestlé produced a training manual aimed at waiters called
‘Pour on the Tips’. Converting guests to expensive bottled
water in a large restaurant can boost a waiter’s tips by at
least £50 a month. Bottled water sales have nearly trebled
in the past ten years and in 2000 a Wall Street analyst
predicted that tap water would eventually only be used for
showers and washing dishes. Bottled water can cost anything
between 250 and 10,000 times more that tap water
and often in blind tastings people can’t tell the difference.
The tide is turning though, with the carbon footprint involved
in packaging and distributing many environmentalists
are advising a return to ‘tapalina’.

What about Wine Bottles?

“There is a devil in every berry of the grape,”
says the Koran.

Our ecowarriors consider the bottle in which the
wine comes just as bad. A wine bottle is around eight
times heavier than the plastic water bottle that is now causing
controversy. Many quality producers have overcome
the resistance to screw caps and we have plonk in wine
boxes. New receptacles are now being tested and Boisset
Family Estates, an American importer has begun offering
French wines in 1lt Tetra Paks whose carbon footprint is
‘little more than a tenth of that of conventionally bottled
wines’. Winemaker Francis Ford Coppola is marketing his
sparkling Sofia Mini Blanc de Blanc which “bursts with
rich pear, honeysuckle and exotic passion-
fruit aromas” in shiny red aluminium

David Berry Green of BB&R
says that many of his customers would
not accept anything other than conventional
bottles. In this ecofriendly world
will he have a choice, how long before
your Chateau. Palmer comes in a Tetra Pak
or a light weight can?

Page 5 of “Food & Wine”, the magazine of the International Wine & Food Society, Sept 2008 

Green diesel
The chain, famous for its Big Mac burger, intends to have
all its 155-strong delivery fleet running on a mixture of in
store cooking oil and rapeseed by the end of the year.
McDonald’s has become the latest food chain to commit
to running its delivery fleet on bio-diesel. They estimates
this will save around 1,675 tonnes of carbon a year once
the entire fleet has been converted to the “green” fuel,
which is equivalent to removing 2,424 family cars from
the UK’s roads.

Page 15 of “Food & Wine”, the magazine of the International Wine & Food Society, Sept 2007.

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