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Shades of Green Gastronomy

Within the UK, there is the Caravan Club and its monthly magazine is circulated to some 350,000 members. One can reasonably assume that most are keen on out-door life. "The Club undertook research .... [in 2008] to find out members' views on environmental and sustainability issues and how they relate to their caravanning activity." [May mag, 2009, p 51] The Club used Ipsos MORI within its project.

The project revealed that most members are "light green caravanners" who wish to conserve the countryside and who support recycling while at camp sites. Those caravanners deemed to support "dark green initiatives such as wind turbines at every site" were in the minority. The "significant number" of "mid-green" caravanners may be unaware what they are as "mid-green was not defined. However, we can see the picture.

A picture of fresh fruit and veg is not necessary here. One included in the article was captioned "The Club encourages members to buy local produce". Elsewhere, there was "Years before trendy celebrity chefs started telling us to buy local produce, the Club decided to ..[encourage] .. members to .. support local, rural businesses.".

More later - what colour are you?


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