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Wholesome company


Wholesome Company

Green Gastronomy - the appreciation of wholesome food and drink in good company.

Once "fine" is changed to "wholesome" the inevitable debate commences. If it is one, it is not guaranteed to be the other. "Fine" implies the freshest, best quality food item or ingredients. However, within the genre, many dishes served have been through several stages of preparation, cooking and temperature change with often numerous extra ingredients such as double cream, egg-yolks, gelatine, butter etc in generous proportion.

When attention turns to drink, there are as many problems. Those who go to their gourmet association dinners can get through half a dozen, perhaps more, glasses of different alcoholic drink and still drive home. It is their life-style. "A man's a man for all that." "Gastronomy brings smiles and double chins.". The distinction between "fine" and "wholesome" becomes more blurred with successive glasses.

That may deal with "fine" drink for the moment. What about "wholesome" drink?

It is said that a glass of red wine a day keeps heart trouble at bay. Does that, if true, qualify it as being wholesome? In his lean times, Churchill's immediate family was reduced to three bottles of Champagne a day. He didn't die a young man. He would have turned his nose up at wholesome drink.

In the 1940s/1950s, school children competed to see who could drink the most play-ground milk which came in third-of-a-pint botles. Times have changed.

Milk has a checkered history. "You can't blame milk for being confused. It's getting attacked for exactly the same reasons it was once celebrated." Undeterred, Ovaltine sells itself as a wholesome drink once its granules have been added to milk. Doubly wholesome?

It follows from this that putting "and" in the equation [fine and or + wholesome ] provides no solution.

Answers on a postcard, please, via the Contact page.


More to follow.

More on what has been said:

Milk--How a wholesome drink became a villain.                           

The milk quotation came from   http://slate.msn.com/id/2102639/    by Chris Suellentrop

http://lists.envirolink.org/pipermail/ar-news/Week-of-Mon-20040621/026159.html AR-News version

Compare and contrast the two treatments.

See Ovaltine selling milk as being wholesome at


See who contributed the double chins mention at


Ambulant gastronomy

This term was first used on page 172 of my Gastronomy book - via "Pubs" [Publications - in the top nav panel].  Use the search facility as the index is not hyperlinked.

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