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     Green     Gastronomy   
A colour-based dietary determinant               

These pages are provisional as the topic is being developed.  The links on the left are there for perusal but not necessarily for digestion yet. The meal or menu has not been constructed.

Gastronomy at the personal level involves the choices we make regarding what we put on our plate and into our glass. Adding "green" to the term moves us into the domain of making choices relevant to that modern phrase - saving the planet. However, it is relevant and environmental issues are an important part of the topic

At present, when you enter "green gastronomy" into Google, you find numerous mentions. Prominent in the results is a recipe book and the Royal Ontario Museum project involving its restaurants. The Slow Food movement is linked to the University of Gastronomic Science in Parma. Then there's a Fresh and Green Academy in London. These need not detain us at this stage. This section of the website intends to improve Google etc results.

Put "green gastronomy" with "artisan food" into the search box and the results are dispersed across various interpretaions. Artisan food will be explored alongside Slow Food and other related topics.

"Gastronomy focuses on the enjoyment of fine food and drink in good company" is the web-page banner within the main website. As a first step towards a definition, we can put it as

Green Gastronomy - the appreciation of wholesome food and drink in good company and acquiring knowledge relating to sustainable food.





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