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News 2013


The perpetual story is here.  Updates for previous years are in the side nav panel per request by  numerous user-groups.

28 November

The December IWFS article on Wine Words is here.   

17 November

The September IWFS article on Wine Words is here  

The International Wine & Food Society has its own page here

The smaller gastronomy website via 
http://www.gastron-omy.com/ is no longer functioning.  It was invaded.  All secretaries etc of user groups based on the site are invited to make contact via here.  I will be pleased to send lost material.

I am currently preparing a page on the gastronomy of the unpaid carer within the site
.  Readers who are carers or who know of any likely to be of assistance please do make contact  via here

8 March

Regular readers are aware of huge problems with this website.  

Today sees a possible end to the problems. The revised layout is a complete surprise to me. 


18 Feb

IWFS members who read the March journal are directed to here.

31 January 

New IWFS page here

3 January

Supermarket Deception   here.

The Fish out of Water  page on this site has been updated


Your thoughts invited  

Best wishes for 2013.


The perpetual story is that this site is unmanageably cumbersome.  New pages and editing of other pages are kept to a minimum. A new site is in progress.  Update March 2014 - no new site after two expensive experiments. One here.

One aspect of not being able to edit pages normally is that links become altered to irrelevant material or just do not function. Readers kindly send in their comments and the links etc dealt with if really urgent.  Otherwise, they are in storage for when the new site comes on stream.  Keep your detective work going!

Another aspect is alterations in text size.  A page containing normal text size over the years may suddenly change to microscopic or telescopic size for no apparent reason. (Example here) The site
provider can only say that the system used to construct this website has been replaced.   



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